our Industrial solutions features:


We enable you to customize alerts for all the conditions you care about. Decide which unusual conditions trigger a text, email, or call alert.


We enable you to identify problems immediately and avoid setbacks that could have a severe impact on your bottom line. Our remote monitoring gives you the real-time status of each part of your operation, instantly.


We provide an easy to use solution that allows you to manage a range of dispersed devices.


We enable you to grow your system as your operation grows. Our remote monitoring solutions have delivered millions of readings.

Smart Connected Equipment & Machines

Our smart connected equipment monitoring solution provides you with peace of mind in that you can easily and conveniently manage and monitor your equipment from anywhere, at any time and ensure no operational down time.  

Smart Features

Oil and Water separation (AHT) - Industrial equipment monitoring

Monitoring of oil/water separation machines.
Basic commands can be sent to the device for control.

Valve monitoring (eDart)

Slurry valves are monitored, and the state of each valve can be seen. (valve worn, open, temperature)