Smart Connector

Output display devices can vary between large HD video walls and e-ink shelf tags to display pricing. If the displays can connect, they can work with our Smart Connector. ​​

HelloThing has worked with some of the largest brands in the world to make this a reality. Behind an innocuous shelf tag lies a wealth of actionable consumer data. Computer Vision and Facial Analysis provides a wealth of data to act on. ​

Dumb shelf tags have just become intelligent. The tag at the watermelon shelf knows that the temperature outside is very hot; it’s a Saturday, it’s BBQ time. It also knows how many watermelons are in stock through POS integration, the footfall of the aisle, the dwell time and the ‘watermelon pick-ups’ by customers. ​​

There is an oversupply of watermelon and if they do not sell, they will spoil before the end of the week. The Smart Connector allows merchandisers to adjust the price with a special promotion on watermelons with videos or images of watermelon juices and salads – emulating an e-commerce site by becoming an in-store media platform at the ‘3 second moment of truth’, buy or walk-on-by?

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Product Pick-up AI

Our Smart Connector provides stores the ability to learn how customers interact with specific products through a very simple process:

  1. Stores connect our smart tags to products that will be “picked up”.
  2. When a customer picks up a product on the shelf, our HelloVision cameras provide intelligence  that will instantly display media of the product to the assigned digital screen via a CMS.
  3. Our algorithms constantly learn and provide insightful data across multiple locations:
  • Demographics, such as age and gender
  • Emotional response to the product
  • Dwell time on the product
  • Repeat visitors
  • Time of day and number of product interactions

Samsung Smart Connector

HelloThing has a global partnership with Samsung to integrate the Smart Connector with the Software-On-Chip of the worlds largest and most diverse digital screen manufacturer.

The HelloThing platform works with HD Signage, touch screens, LED video walls, outdoor and window displays, and small stand-alone displays across Corporate, Retail, QSR and Hospitality industries.​

The Smart Connector provides the medium to capture input data and display content according to unique parameters.