Who We Are

Hellothing is a fastcomm.com company. We improve our partners’ lives and businesses through cost-effective, smart connected IoT solutions. We leverage the power of our existing platforms, software, firmware and hardware building blocks.

Our Mission

  • To help global businesses to improve, through smart connected IoT solutions. We help them to do business in new ways, serve their customers better and be more efficient.
  • To employ the best of the best, equip and grow them through challenging and interesting work.
  • To create shareholder value through meaningful projects that leverages our platforms and deliver lasting value.

Increase Business Growth

Our technology facilitates growth for businesses large and small, in a multitude of sectors, by creating a connected environment. Through this connected environment businesses have a comprehensive and holistic digital overview of all their systems, processes and equipment.

Secure Data Storage and Insights

All internet-connected devices enabled with our sensors collect invaluable data, in real-time, which provides business operators with a clear insight to all that is taking place within their business ecosystem, without disrupting operations. All data is then normalized and securely stored in the cloud.

Instant Equipment Management

Our Hellothing platform is built on the latest concepts used in the IoT domain and leverages the digital twin concept.
Digital twin representations of real-world devices and objects are created on the platform, which gives a lot of power and flexibility in managing and monitoring large scale disparate device installations.